From June 2017, Nová síť has launched a new startup organization section. New organizations now have the first year to explore the outlines of their cooperation and to get acquainted with the opportunities offered by networking.

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The main activity of the association is to revitalize the space through artistic projects, to organize cultural events for the general public, to connect different directions of art, and to involve students and graduates in these activities. The association creates its own authoring projects that are based primarily on the Genius
loci of the site.

Since 2015, the society has been trying to save the technical monument of the coal and water tower in Vratislavice nad Nisou. The Society first opened the tower to the public in 2016, its aim is to protect it as an important monument of the Liberec region and to transform it into a cultural centre focused on exhibitions, crafts and art.
Contact: Jitka Jakubíčková,,

The BuranTeatr Theater has been operating in Brno since 2005. It is mainly famous for author’s productions full of politically incorrect humor and original productions in the genre of motion theatre. It regularly hosts
workshops, year-round courses, lectures, residential stays, concerts, exhibitions and other events.
Contact: Juraj Augustin,,

Centrum kultury a vzdělávání Blatná
The Centre administers and runs the City Museum, a library, a cinema, a community centre with a program for all ages and the city information centre. It also organizes separate cultural events ranging from music or
photographic festivals, through exhibitions to student festivals.
Contact: Michaela Sikorová,,

Komunitní centrum Machův mlýn
The community centre aims to create a safe place where children from children‘s homes can learn practical things of life, get acquainted with nature and learn about various activities. Experiential stays show children
life situations with ease and will teach them how to deal with them.
Contact: Miloslav Vácha,, is a residential, dance and artistic space, located in southern Bohemia, on the village square under the maple trees, in the village of Komarice. The residential house for performing arts provides
a quiet, inspiring and undisturbed environment for creation.
Contact: Markéta Málová,,

Vzbuďme Vary
The cultural initiative (under the auspices of the Pardubice society Offcity) wakes the Karlovy Vary culture out of lethargy and encourages the creativity and activism in the local cultural space. It organizes a multigenre site specific festival Vzbuďme Vary, artistic events in public space, workshops for the public, public
discussions and think-tanks.
Contact: Tereza Dvořáková,

Zachraňme kino Varšava
The society Zachraňme kino Varšava is an association of friends and enthusiasts who met for the rescue of the former cinema Varšava n Liberec. Since 2012, they have been trying to reintroduce the decaying cultural
hub on the scene of life in the city they live in.
Contact: Zuzana Koňasová,,

Industry STAGE
An independent theater platform that regularly brings to Brno the most interesting of independent theater productions. Dance, movement theatre, drama theatre, fairy tales.
Contact: Kristýna Břečková,,