JOHAN centre stems from ideas of active and alternative worldview and from the need to actively respond. The source of ideas leading to its creation was the support of independent artistic production, primarily in the field of performing and visual arts. Moving Station - a renovated building of Jižní nádraží (South Station) - provides the base for our plans and projects.

Location: Moving Station is an open communication space located in the former Pilsen Jižní předměstí train station building.

Events: JOHAN prepares festivals, events, creative workshops in the area of alternative art, theater and dance performances, visual art, as well as projects of arts and drama education. The center produces its own theater performances and other regular events. Its art projects target the specific place and the center is equally active in the field of community work, multicultural and the so-called nonprejudicial education, social and personality development of children, youth and adults.

Premises: Moving Station has 4 main spaces. Large hall on the ground floor, measuring 20 x 10 x 6 m with a capacity of 120 spectators. The stage has dimensions 10 x 8 m and AC power outlets 400V/230V, black wooden floor, and its own water fixture and lateral. Further it is equipped with M12 mounting ceiling points for attaching systems for suspended acrobacy et al. The hall is further equipped by a walkable technical bridge built all around the circumference, allowing the installation of spotlights and cloth equipment and its operation (darkening/undarkening) according to client’s requirements. It also offers direct access to the train station platform. On the second floor, there is a small conference and exhibition hall, with capacity cca 80 people, and a stylish station café (60 people) and an Art Nouveau entrance hall (in its original form from 1904, capacity of up to 60 people). All the mentioned spaces allow for installation of mobile elevation or a stage.

Possibilities: Interdisciplinary culture center with wide range of options and emphasis on openness offers not only an interesting platform for original artistic production but also a space for introduction of many unique artistic events, whether they come from home Czech scenes or abroad. Moving Station is a creative space for preparation and realization of theater, art, musical and multimedia projects, as well as the place for festivals, exhibitions, arts workshops and symposia. It has also become a testing laboratory and open studio for young artists from home and abroad.

Tech. info: The entire building is air-conditioned, halls are equipped with AC 63A, 32A outlets, large data network, fixed and mobile lighting and sound systems, gallery system Nielsen, M12 ceiling mounting points, 100 dimmable DMX channels, mobile thater elevation Nivtec, and security camera and fire protection systems. Pilsen station Jižní předměstí is a stop for all Os, R, Rx, and SC types of trains going the direction of Prague, Cheb and Munich. Parking available for a large number of cars and buses at a paid guarded parking lot 300 meters off the building. If necessary, an elevator (150 x 150 cm) is available in the adjacent building. For any detailed information, please go to WWW.JOHANCENTRUM.CZ

Contact: Moving Station, Koperníkova 56 (Most Ivana Magora Jirouse), GPS 49.7403603N, 13.3666003E;