OKO - Opava cultural organization - pursues to deliver a diverse, interesting and transregional dramaturgy to its fanbase, no matter whether they prefer mainstream or marginal genres. At times when culture is affected by superficiality and consumerism, we do not forget to matters considered marginal, yet able to indicate possible directions for future development of the arts and expanding the horizons of their audience. We give space to young artists, support interesting projects while caring for education and entertainment.

Location: Obecní dům [Opava municipal house] (Klub ART, Galerie obecního domu (municipal gallery), Cesta města exhibition, Schösslers Lounge with a terrace, Sál purkmistrů), House of Art in Opava and deconsecrated St. Wenceslas church. All of the locations are situated in the town center.

Events: Obecní dům (Opava municipal house), Dům umění (House of Art) in Opava and deconsecrated St. Wenceslas church. All of the locations are situated in the town center.

Premises: Klub ART – modern clubhouse space with capacity for 70-250 people. Municipal gallery – gallery serving for organization of exhibitions presenting contemporary visual art. House of Art – former monastery serving as an exhibition hall since 1974. St. Wenceslas church – charismatic spaces of the deconsecrated church are currently being used mostly for classical music concerts, exhibitions, theater and other events with capacity for 400 people. Expozice Cesta města – a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the town of Opava.

Possibilities: Good technical background, the possibility of diverse usage of the above mentioned premises, professional team, cooperating on friendly terms - all these makes a starting point for a great number of possible use.

Technical info: Our gallery, club and other premises are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology appropriate to the size and the basic purpose of the space. For more details, please go to www.oko-opava.cz

Contact: Opavská kulturní organizace p. o., Ostrožná 46, 746 01 Opava, www.klubart.cz, jan.kunze@oko-opava.cz