Cultural network Nová Síť is leader for the project "Connecting V4 ART-IN-RES", funded by the Visegrad fund. Together with partners from 4 countries we are mapping residency possibilities in the V4 region.

Artist residency programmes are key for the development of performing arts as a field, and they have seen a growing trend in the V4 countries. However, mapping the status of artist residency programmes in the V4 countries is still in early stages (as compared to, for instance, Scandinavian countries). Our research is based on preliminary data obtained first, through our consulting activities which often include artists residencies, and secondly, from our analysis of needs of foreign artists whom we meet periodically specially during the Mala Inventura Festival. This data allows for preliminary conclusions which we should further monitor within the project. It has been observed that artist residency programmes support in artists their ability to create freely, and affect the decentralization of artistic practice and presentation of quality works in places of their creation, including outside the V4 capitals. In addition, artists residencies support art mobility between the countries and as such increase the prospects of international cooperation. Another important aspect is a financial viewpoint which is reflected in the variability of ways to co-finance individual residencies. In total, artist residency programmes have a considerable impact not only on the arts sector but also on the entire cultural sphere, extending into the social and political areas.

Project partners:
L1 Független Művészek Közhasznú Egyesület - Hungary /
Tabačka Kulturfabrik n.o. - Slovakia /
Культ. Центр КОРПУС (Cultural Center CORPUS)- Belarus /

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