Supported by grant from the people of Norway.

The main activities of the project:

Whole country meeting of the Czech cultural network Nova sit
The whole country meetings of the Czech cultural network Nova sit are meetings of two groups of the network – Partners and group of Starting cooperation. Next two years we will mainly focus on strategies – cultural strategies and dramaturgy strategies and ways of educating the audience within small towns.

Conference Culture Get-Together
In the Czech Republic, there is a number of cultural organisations in the various fields of performing arts that aim to professionalize their members and also the communication with local authorities. There is not a single platform for the individual members to have a together discussion over the state and demands of the individual fields and a united communication of the results towards the public. For this reason, we host a conference called Industry Get-Together/platform for cooperation within arts and networking of cultural workers in the Czech Republic.

A new online platform ART IN RES for the supporting of residency stays in the Czech Republic will be created. The main reason for the ART-IN-RES creation is an absence of such a platform search in the Czech Republic.

The platform will be helpful for:
• Artists looking for residencies
• Residency providers for publishing current open calls and communicating with the artists
• A single presentation towards other countries (not only within the Visegrad countries)

Know-how exchange Czech Republic - Norway - residency programme
The aim of the residency programme is sharing know-how between Czech and Norwegian networks and artists, supporting mobility of artists and workers in the arts / management, which will benefit the art development on both sides, and also developing the education of the audience and strengthening skills of individual residency participants. We chose the Norwegian partner Surnadal Billag based on a bilateral meeting from November 2019.

Series of workshops and seminars
A series of workshops and seminars for the Czech cultural network members is a year educational plan for both network groups (Starting cooperation and Partners) and public. We will implement two one-day seminars in the topic of grant system in the Czech Republic. Grant seminars are open each year, and two two-days workshops. The aim of the series of workshops and seminars is to develop and strengthen the skills of members of the network and thus professionalize their work in organizations and regions.

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