DIOD, as a cultural center in Vysočina region, offers a technically well-equipped black box whose spatial layout and capacity can be adapted according to specific requirements. The dramaturgy of the theater is open and suitable for organizing art and social projects of regional artists. At the same time we introduce drama and dance projects from across the country and thus expand the public awareness of contemporary art in the region.

Location: DIOD - modern black box on the spot of a former cinema in the building of Jihlava Sokol by functionalist architect Bohuslav Fuchs.

In general, the DIOD dramaturgy alternates drama, physical/non-verbal performances, as well as musical, literary, art and film events, creative residences, workshops, projects and festivals that combine different genres.

Premises: Black box, 12.5 x 17.5 meters, with no fixed stage and auditorium.

Possibilities: Within the dramaturgy of the theater, it is possible to realize artistic and social projects of Czech and foreign artists and organizers. With a very good technical background not only for new circus is DIOD a regional center for independent artists.

Contact: DIOD, Tyršova 12, 586 01 Jihlava, Tělocvičná jednota Sokol Jihlava, produkce@diod.cz, www.diod.cz