The aim of the Culture Get-Together 2021 conference is to re-mediate the meeting of representatives of mainly independent performing arts (umbrella organizations of theatre, dance, new circus) and representatives of cities, regions, state administration and other established institutions. With a two-day meeting, we want to remove barriers, facilitate mutual communication and articulate what is essential.

During the previous conference, which gauged the demand for a platform of this kind, several long-standing problematic areas for cultural practice emerged. These topics do not appear on the front pages of newspapers, but the consequences of ignoring them are felt by hundreds of thousands of cultural workers, art lovers and citizens of contemporary European society.

Accompanying performance programe from the PRALIN project (Prague - Berlin)

14/9 Tuesday - PiNKBUS, 19:00, X10
15/9 Wednesday - First Tatto - Kuba Borkowicz, 19:30, X10
16/9 Thursday - Hyenaz Knowbody - Hyenaz, 19:00, Cross Attic

Conference partners: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, International Theatre Institute ITI, Arts and Theatre Institute, Czech-German Fund for the Future, Performing Arts Platformm Berlin and EEA - Norwegian Funds 2014-2021, City District Prague 7, Prague City Hall and the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.

Detailed schedule below

program - cgt2021 - eng.pdf (1022KB)