AVERZE_ is a new professional theatre platform that brings together theatre artists of different professions with a focus on new drama and borderline theatre forms. Averze_ was created with the aim of providing its members with a platform for continuous original work with an experimental approach and a strong social and political overlap. Programmatically, the platform addresses strong "feminine" themes in the context of reflection on contemporary society. Aversion_ is currently the resident group of the independent art zone - CO.LABS.

As part of the New Blood on Stage programme, Nová síť will provide to the Averze_ a residency at the DIOD Open Door Theatre in Jihlava.

The leading personality of Aversion_ is Slovak director and dramaturge Alexandra Bolfová. Her work focuses on devised theatre with social issues and feminism. She graduated from the Theatre Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, majoring in drama directing and dramaturgy. She is currently the director and dramaturge of the independent art zone CO.LABS, where she is dedicated to supporting independent professional artists. She has several directing and dramaturgy credits in various Czech theatres (National Theatre Brno, Municipal Theatre Zlín, Švandovo Theatre in Smíchov). Recently, he has been collaborating mainly with independent theatres (CO.LABS, Pomezí, Venuše ve Švehlovce, Gaffa). She is the founder of the performative platform Averze_. She also teaches at the JAMU in Brno.

The applyed project


Author production on the theme of women's identity in contemporary stereotyped society. Who is Medea today? A female alien. A woman-mother. A single mother. MEDEA_is_missing, but maybe she's just gone for aesthetic plastic surgery and when she comes back she'll have new fake tits. Or worse, she'll be a feminist.

The contemporary seems contemporary because archetypes are eternal and omnipresent, just like the duality of racism and uncontrollable emotions. But perhaps the drive to follow the path of fulfilling one's own ambitions is more natural than the maternal instinct, and the boundary crossing seems to have been countless as well. "NOT EVERY PIECE OF MEAT CAN BE MADE INTO A MAN."

Is it the society or the individual that is sick? Who is the real Medea, where and why did the children disappear, and what is the meaning of the word mother? Our mothers - your mothers. But where is reality? Could it get any worse just by replacing patriarchy with matriarchy? And where has Medea gone?
Three women come together to celebrate the god Dionysus: Agamed, Merope, Glauce, and they start to talk. But how do you work with fakin sisterhood when it's obviously as fucked up as democracy? Oh, yeah, the women. I mean, yeah, the mothers.

The original production is very loosely inspired by Christa Wolf's book, Medea and Other Voices.

Creative team:

Directed by: Alexandra Bolfová
Dramaturgy: Martin Hodoň, Michal Šesták
Dramaturgical cooperation: Marek Horoščák
Scene, costumes: Karolína Srpková
Light design: Filip Obermajer
Music: Martin Konvička, Tereza Marečková
Make-up: Miss Petty
Graphics, visual: Karolína Srpková
Production: Noemi Krausová, Ladislav Horák, Veronika Čechmánková, Anička Kočová
Photo: Petr Chodura

Hrají: Klára Bulantová, Karolína Vaňková, Dana Jaceková, Michaela Efrati, Denisa Růžková

Supported by: Inscenaci finančně podpořilo Ministerstvo kultury České republiky, Státní fond kultury a Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy. Koproducenty inscenace jsou divadlo Venuše ve Švehlovce a DIFA JAMU. Projekt je součástí Specifického výzkumu na DIFA JAMU.