It’s quiet, swallows are flying low and I’m waiting for something to happen.
The storm cloud is tall, at the top wide and flattened. In the summer, especially in July and August, in the afternoon and evening, when it is hot, muggy weather, the white, shaggy clouds are low, gradually rising, darkening from the bottom and having a widened and flattened upper edge. The original production is inspired by the confidential notes of the court lady Sei Sonagon (end of the 10th century) and the writings of a hermit Kamo no Coeim (13th century).

Direction: Anna Klimešová
Dramaturgy: Klára Fleková
Scenogrphy: Vendula Bělochová
Music: Matouš Hejl, Michal Cáb, Michal Grombiřík
Movement cooperation: Tomáš Wortner
Production: Jan Búrik, Emílie Formanová, Tereza Kaucká
Performing: Martin Belianský, Kateřina Císařová, Anita Gregorec

Premiere: 23. 2. 2018, DISK Theatre

60 min, Czech

Supported by: DAMU and DISK Theatre