In April, 5 artist residencies will take place within the framework of Czech-Norwegian cooperation. For the years 2021/2022 Nová síť and Surnadal Billag has launched a programme supporting residencies for artists and cultural management teams in the Czech Republic and Norway. The programme is part of the Czech Cultural Network Nová síť funded from the EEA Grants.

For applicants from Norway, support was intended for artist-in-residence in the Czech Republic in selected host organizations offered through the ART-IN-RES platform. Czech artist and management teams will carry out residencies at the Norwegian residency center Surnadal Billag.

Artist residency programme focuses on supporting the creative process and development of new projects in performing arts with special attention to projects exploring the boundaries of theatre, dance, performance, and visual arts. Manager residency programme is intended for teams that operate primarily in the area of regional cultural development and it is designed to strengthen capacity and share know-how with the host organization.

The residency programme attracted 14 applicants from Norway and 23 projects from the Czech Republic in a two-round open call. The predominant interest was in the artist residency programme, with 31 creative projects and 6 manager projects applying.



Management team – Markéta Málková, Aleš Hrdlička, Jan Kunze, Martin Musílek / artist-in-residence Surnadal Billag Management team – CO.LABS: Juraj Augustín, Simona Augustín, Klaudia Klembarová, Alexandra Bolfová / artist-in-residence Surnadal Billag

third // space – LITTLE HISTORY OF MOTION / artist-in-residence Surnadal Billag Jan Husták & T.I.T.S. – DIRECT ACTION THEATRE: SERVE AND PROTECT / artist-in-residence REZI.DANCE Lisa Colette Bysheim & col. – IF THIS | THEN / artist-in-residence SE.S.TA Mari Woll & col. – NÆRVÆR – PRESENCE / artist-in-residence CO.LABS
In the autumn of 2021, the first manager residency of the members of the Czech Cultural Network Nová síť was held in Norway. The management team gathered a lot of experiences and impressions, had meetings with managers of Norwegian cultural organizations and worked on the concept of a new dance and art project during the residency. The other residencies will take place during April 2022 in Norway, Komařice, Žďár nad Sázavou and Brno.

The Czech-Norwegian residency programme is supported from the EEA Grants (2014-2021).
Martin Musílek, Markéta Málková, Jan Kunze, Aleš Hrdlička , foto: Martin Musílek
The Czech-Norwegian residency programme - Jon Arne Mogstad, foto: Jan Kunze
Atelier in Surnadal Billag, foto: Jan Kunze
The norwegian coast, foto: Jan Kunze