You have a new project and would you like to introduce it to the audience in the regions of Czech Republic or abroad? Nová síť is launching a call for selection of new projects in the field of the New theater for 2016! The call is intended for young artists and new art groups and art school graduates (up to 3 years after graduation).

New blood on the Stage project requirements:

• originated in the period November 2015 to October 2016 (November-December 2016 will be subject to a call for the following year) in Czech Republic
• no own production manager
• has solved copyright costs associated with the creation of performance
• it is technically uncomplicated, or it can be present in a low-tech version
• is small or medium (cast, technical requirements)

Nová síť offers:

• production support (contracts, license agrément, consulting and coaching)
• presentation on the Malá Inventura Festival Prague 2017
• posibility of presentation in Czech republic regions
• guaranteed minimum amount of fee for artists and techniques
• presentation in PR materials
• collaboration to productions abroad

The program the program is possible to apply from 1th April to 31. October

The deadline for applications is 31th October, 2016.