A landscape as a body, a body as a landscape. Time which passes peacefully, distant from the time we experience. A body is perceived as part of a whole. It is part of naturalness, a landscape of its own right that seeks to be strong and adamant like cement buildings and architecture that surround it. Feelings, sensitivity, and intelligence bind us to nature more than we realize. A human being is a mass with impact on the landscape, shaping it as it searches for its place.

Choreography, concept: Štěpána Mancová
Dancing: Šimon Klus, Šárka Říhová
Music: Konstantin Wolkenstein
Collaboration on Movement: Eva Stará
Light design: Josef Malík

Supported by: Ministerstvo kultury, koprodukce DW7, Studio ALTA

38 minutes, no language barrier

Photo: Votěch Brtnický