The animal we carry in ourselves. The deeply rooted secret. Happiness, emotionally dependent. Partner, or host?


A parasite is an organism, a parasite is an animal, a parasite is a mystery, a parasite is a metaphor for the animal inside us. The parasite can find happiness only at the expense of someone else. The parasite changes and adapts only to be loved, so let’s face it, we might all have one in ourselves.

A dance-theatre performance exploring the boundaries between Vogue and Tutting with visuals inspired by sci-fi movies. These dance forms play thematically with the contrast between femininity and animality.

The performance was created and supported in cooperation with Palác Akropolis and also as a part of the master ́s degree at HAMU at the Nonverbal Theatre department.

Concept and performer: Michaela Stará
Direction: Ondřej Holba
Supervise: Eliška Brtnická
Music: Petr Kolman, Vojtěch Bor
Light design: Jiří Šmirk
Stage design and costumes: Debora Štysová, Eliška Šebestová
Production: Public Art / Palác Akropolis

Supported by: Public Art/ Palác Akropolis, HAMU, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Hlavní město Praha
Premiere: 29th September 2019, Palác Akropolis

40 minutes, no language barrier

Photo by: Vojta Brtnický